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Ww VITREX+ Multi Surface Cleaner 4L
(Part Number 905-0348)

Price : $13.99$18.99


Wood Wyant Vitrex+


VITREX + prevents fogging, streaks and water stains on all types of surfaces, thanks to its invisible soil shield that reduces the frequency of cleaning. It also makes a great daily-use cleaner that easily removes finger marks, soap scum, smoke and other stubborn stains. VITREX + prevents mineral buildup in showers and on all other surfaces exposed to water, while also preventing fogging caused by condensation on mirrors and front doors during the winter months. It even reduces finger marks on stainless steel, eliminating the need for specialized cleaners. VITREX + is safe for all surfaces such as glass, mirrors, stainless steel, chrome and plastic. It wipes away easily and leaves a fresh clean scent.

- CFIA Approved

- Phosphate Free

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