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Chick Scratch - Otter 20KG
(Part Number 700-0099)

Price : $18.49


SPECIES: All Poultry and Gamebird Species

FEATURES: A blend of whole, cracked and rolled grains designed as a treat for the above species.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: A blend of rolled or cracked corn and wheat designed as a treat or energy booster for the above species. We suggest birds be fed regular balanced rations as the mainstay of good health and performance. Otter chick scratch can be used for free range birds to encourage birds to forage. This may be blended with regular diet (approx. 10%) where feed intakes are quite high due to colder weather and more activity outdoors providing extra energy without actually decreasing the intake of essential nutrients. The overall elevated feed intake due to cold weather or activity, or both, will ensure adequate intake of all basic nutrients when the mainline feed is fed free choice. If used as a top dress and used at an amount not limiting normal intake of the diet, the birds will not receive an imbalanced diet. One can also provide free choice oyster shells to ensure adequate calcium for layers for extra insurance because scratch feeds like this do not contain calcium and layers benefit from oyster shells anyways. Remember chick scratch is not a fully balanced feed. It contains primarily energy from the grains and is just a top up to a regular balanced feed. It is not intended to be the main feed. It is not a source of calcium or trace minerals and vitamins for example. It will help attract chicks to the regular crumbles and the coarser texture may help encourage good gizzard strength and over all gut health when used as a small adjunct to the regular crumbled or pelleted feed.

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