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Delivery Information

We offer secure online shopping, accepting Visa and Mastercard. Shipping is extra, and will be quoted upon receipt of your order. For Canadians, HST will be added at 12%. Canadian Provinces where HST is not charged can apply for a rebate from the BC Government.


Can you ship pesticides to me?

No, pesticides are only available directly from our store location in Vernon.

Can you ship paper products to me in the United States?

Yes, but the freight costs may be greater than the value of the product, due to cubic size and weight of the package.

Why can’t I get an immediate freight cost?

Freight is quoted separately as package weight and dimensions will vary depending on the combination of goods in the order. Also, we will offer a choice of delivery timetables for the order and the faster the shipment, the higher the cost.

Can you ship me some bamboo to the USA?

No, as the USA homeland security will want fumigation on the order, otherwise they will seize and destroy the shipment. Fumigation costs usually are prohibitive.

Can I pay by Visa or Mastercard?

Yes, but pending order size, for security reasons, we may want a signed document, and copies of your signature on the back of the card.