15 Gardening Tips for February

15 Gardening Tips for February

Well, it's snowing outside in Vernon today, but January is finally behind us and it's time to start thinking and planning your garden!

We put together a few gardening 'To-Do's" for the month of February!

  1. Begin planning this year’s garden. Consider companion planting—some plants grow better when planted near each other! Add plants that attract beneficial insects (such as sunflower, yarrow, dill, and coriander).
  2. Prune trees and shrubs while they’re dormant. 
  3. Prune bush roses now while they are still dormant. Remove spindly growth and any dead or crossing branches, then cut the remaining stems down by half, cutting just above strong, outward-facing buds.  Use a sloping cut so that rainwater drains away from the growing buds.
  4. If your mulch was blown or washed away, reapply it around your plants.
  5. Prevent lawn damage by limiting the traffic on your frozen lawn.
  6. Get your seeds organized by sowing month so that it’s easier to remember to sow them on time.
  7. Check your houseplants: Look for any insects or diseases.
  8. Start sowing seeds indoors. In late February, sow summer favorites like tomatoes and cucumbers in small pots and place them on a sunny windowsill or in a greenhouse to germinate.
  9. Clear weeds out of vegetable beds and dig in compost.
  10. On a dry day, spring-clean glasshouses and cold frames, washing them down with warm soapy water to get rid of lurking pests and diseases.
  11. Organize equipment. Discard broken tools and cracked planters.


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